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Not any birds were harmed in the making of these Jewerly works of art! Our fun and flirty feather earrings, necklaces are the perfect touch to your PrimPropDiva chic look or vintage ensemble, they are one of a kind you will feel very special wearing them.

Blue Topaz Necklace

Blue Smoke Cream Feather Necklace on a 20 inch leather cord with a large Blue Topaz center stone. Item# 55272 $32.00

Beaded Feather Choker

Lots of Feathers and beads complete this fashion charmer. Looks really nice on. Item#51118 $28.00

The Dale

The Most Unique Feather Necklace with plenty of style and embellishment. Wear as a highlight for a low cut top are dress. 17''long Choker. Item#51113 $47.00

Larger Cat Eye Choker in Emerald

Larger Choker In Emerald Green with wood beads. Item# 22103 $38.00

Cat Eye Choker In Blue Green

Great design of feathers and colored beads. Item# 22104 $38.00


Drape yourself with a very bold Statement in feathers and large geometric beads with a blue center stone an assortment of black and brown feathers. 30'' leather adjustable cord. Item#51117 $50.00


Feather earrings with tiny dots not to big, not too small the perfect pair of earrings for that special look. Item# E11104 $30.00


Wood,beads, stars,metal trim and small charms make a very bohemian vibe. These earrings are large Item#E11105 $24.00

Vision of Feathers

Stripes of gold and silver make a very dramatic statement using a single color tone. Item#E11107

Silver and Pink Feathers

Jewel-Colored beads make these feather earrings the Diva of the party Small yet very charming. Item#E11108

Snow Pearl

Dressy,very lady like pair of earrings with a beaded chandelier style made with feathers. Item#E11311


A eye-catching pair of earrings with stricking gold trim. Item#E11341

Fire diamond

This pair of feather earrings will make sure that the owner gets plenty of attention the color of fire with a diamond shape in silver, tiny crystals adorn this beautiful pair of earrings. Item#E11911


Add glamour and glitz to your outfit.Feathers are black and gray with rhinestone encrusted to give it a glitter effect. Item#E11127

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